Welding / Fabrication

Bespoke iron welding with Adams Forge and Engineering

As a business local to Cambridge with over 30 years’ experience, we understand that there’s no point offering a service if it isn’t catered entirely to you. For that reason, Adams Forge and Engineering offer a completely bespoke service from start to finish, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Whether it’s iron welding for machinery, structures, or ornamentation, we’ll adapt to you.

Bespoke iron welding with Adams Forge and Engineering

We’re not the sort of company to refuse you if you’ve only a small job that needs doing. Here at Adams Forge we understand that little tasks can be just as important as big ones. The details matter. You can always hope for a professional and friendly service from us, whatever the job!

Railings & Balconies

All our railings are fabricated in our own workshops, from the modern day style to the replica of the period of your property.

We also undertake the restoration of traditional & period railings, returning them to their original design and style. A full consultation with our clients and conservation officers ensues, so the finished product is returned to its former self.

Juliet Balconies are the first choice over first floor patio doors, not only are they decorative, but they act as an effective safety barrier.

Adams Forge produces these balconies in a variety of designs to suit the client from the modern vision of glass, to the ornamental design.

We manufacture to comply with all the building regulations and specifications. We can also advise our clients on all the aspects from the design to the finished product.

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